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We have the people, land and climate needed to produce fresh, affordable, and healthy food, renewable energy, shelter and the things we use daily. A community food system integrates food production, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of a particular place. Learn what a local food system looks like here in Norway, Maine.


Our growing community of farmers, entrepreneurs, producers and consumers can create strong

local economies by creating new locally owned businesses and jobs. Local food systems work will feature Local Food Councils, Farm to School, 4-H and the Cooperative Extension, the local USDA office,

nutrition education, the Maine Food Atlas, and culinary arts.

The Mission of the Alan Day Community Garden is to cooperatively create an educational demonstration garden, where people can grow their own food, using organic, sustainable methods to support an enduring community food system. The Garden is located in Norway welcomes all community members and offers many ways to get involved!  We believe that all people should have access to healthy and affordable food, and that a local community food system is vital to thriving and resilient communities.

Alan Day Community Garden

26 Whitman Street, Norway, Maine 04268

(207) 346-0708

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"For 40 years, big business and big subsidies have defined American agriculture, replacing the small, diverse farms that fed out communities for generations. Where has it gotten us? Childhood obesity, bacterial outbreaks, dependence on foreign oil, and the loss of the family farm.


I believe that the solutions to these problems lie in the revival of local agriculture. Find out more about my initiatives to reform our policies to support the local food movement that has proved so healthy for Mainers and their communities, including HR 1414, the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act."




Longley Square, 413 Main Street, Norway, Maine
Mailing: CEBE, 447 Main Street, Norway, Maine 04268


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